A stray cat scratched me today!

Hi All,

I am so upset, a baby kitten I saw earlier the week was at a parking lot, and I really wanted to take this kitty home. When I reached my hand out to pet this kitty it was friendly, and welcoming. It came near my hand and allowed me to pet it. Me and this cat had a bond because when a cat comes to you , that just makes the relationship so much better. It was the only stray cat that approached me when I reached for it. So, I instantly wanted to adopted it and bring it home and give it a good life. When I tried to pick this baby up , it scratched me so badly that blood was drew. I immediately had to go see a doctor because this is a Stray cat, and I don’t know anything about it, so to be safe , I really wanted to make sure the scratch was treated.

LOL. I went to the DOCTOR, and apparently KAISER never wants to really treat the problem, they never want to give you medication. It’s only when you have reached the breaking point that’s when they may prescribe medication. It doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s it best to be Safe rather than sorry? So, to be on the safe side why not just give patients what they need rather than wait till symptoms persist to the point where medication is a must. Honestly, Kaiser makes me nervous, because they don’t really take care of their patients as well as they could, they seem to rush patients in and out of the office.

I been with Kaiser for about all my life now, and compared to other doctors in private practice I would say that you do get better attention with a private doctor , they just get to know you better, and they want to make sure you’re okay. In kaiser, I may not see my primary doctor til Wednesday but they will schedule me to see a random doctor that day. So, it doesn’t really matter if you see your primary doctor of not because if you need to see a doctor they will pick a random one that’s available to see you.

Anyways , that kitty broke my heart. I felt sad, I learned not to pet stray cats anymore because I don’t know where they been and I rather not risk my health. I love cats, I want to adopt a cat, but I rather not just pick up a stray and bring it home, I rather go to a sheather or Craigslist to get one, and have proper cages to transport the cat.