Felony Child Gigs

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So, back in October 2012 there’s a nanny who killed 2 young children from Marina and Kevin Krim. They trusted and hired her because of the reference she included which was her niece Yaquelin Severino. Severino mentioned that Yoselyn Ortega (her aunt) had many years of child care and that she would be perfect for anyone who was looking for a nanny. So in the beginning of this relationship, it was okay, but as you know the nanny, Yoselyn Ortega slabbed to death the Krim’s two younger children one night leading to new york to sugguest a bills for felony child gigs.


It happened when Marina Krim was wondering why Lulu (her daughter ) wasn’t at ballet class. So Ms.Krim texted Ortega asking where’s her daughter Lulu? She got no reply, she went home…… to her NY Manhattan apartment, and checked all the doors and then she went to check on the last one… can you imagine what she saw? She saw her two little children Lulu and Leo’s bodies lying in the bath tub. And Ms.Krim locked eyes with Ms.Ortega and that’s when Ortega began stabbing herself in the throat. Ms. Krim ran out the door way, so scared yelling ” My Nanny killed my kids!” then the ambulance came.


Ms.Ortega at Trail

Because Ms. Krim trusted Ms.Ortega’s references, New York is going to propose a law that makes felony child gigs. So if you lie in the reference in terms of what experience you have in a childcare and if caught you will be facing felony charges. I can see why the senator wants to make this law because they look at children as being vulnerable to mistreatment and therefore this situation of the Krim’s losing there two innocent children would have been prevented if Ms.Severino never lied in Ms.Ortega’s references. Because they believed the reference letter Severino wrote, they made the decision to hire her.


I think it’s too harsh to have Felony Child Gigs but it’s more reasonable for it to be a misdemeanor. Because when you think of felonies , you think of murder, burglary , auto theft, something physical comes to my mind. When I think of a misdemeanor it’s a DUI, fraud, something less server than an actual felony. Felony Child Gigs shouldn’t be made a felony because no body can guess that the nanny or person they hire will murder their children. Who could have predicted that Ortega would have killed the 2 young children? The Krim’s didn’t see it coming, and I bet you, if they did, they would have never hired her for the job. The whole situation is sad, but lying in a reference letter should not be a felony because I bet Severino (Ortega’s niece) was just trying to help her aunt get a job. That was her intention, so she made Ortega’s experience in childcare sound better than it actually was.

Think about this, people who are applying to jobs, who literally have no experience but they get someone like a resume writer to write their resume, where they craft this beautiful resume that basically makes this person sound like they can do A to Z skills, but in reality they can’t. So, what this beautiful resume does is open the door for an job opportunity, it gives the jobseeker the ability to get their foot in the door in the business. So, Severino’s reference letter was the push the Krim’s needed to get Ortega in the child care business. It is difficult if you don’t have any experience in a certain field, as you can see my post here about the recruiting process. ⇐ The actual process of getting a job may take weeks because they have to apply, and wait for the recruiter to get back to them. So for someone like Ortega who has little to no actual truthful childcare experience she cheated by getting her niece, Severino to write a letter document how great Ortega was with her own children.


One way, is to get a certificate from a local Community College. So, if parents want to make sure that the nanny is qualified to preform their job, they can request that they see a certificate that proves the nanny went to class and took time out of their own life to learn how to babysit. That would be appropriate and also have 3 solid references. So maybe, New York can request Nannies attend a Community College where they get a certificate to prove they attended these classes, make it a requirement before being able to take care of other people’s children, and while the nanny in training is trying to get the certificate

she is being watched in a day care where the supervisor has to sign off in the nanny in training‘s hours to become a certified nanny. So before she can legally be a certified nanny she has to do volunteer hours in a preschool or child care facility and be supervised and have her papers signed off by the supervisor before getting certified. This would be a lot better than Felony Child Gigs. 


Nail techs have to get licensed, massage therapist has to get licenses, TO DRIVE A CAR, you have to get you’re driver’s license but to be a nanny you don’t have to get licensed. So, instead of making Felony Child Gigs a law, maybe consider having nannies be certificated before they can take care of kids in New York. Let’s try this out at New York first because they are the one’s trying to get this Felony Child Gigs law to pass so, if New York has good results then, maybe, just maybe California and other states should adopt this nanny requirement as well.

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