Foundations and Concealers , oh MY!

Hey All,

It’s ME again.

Anyways, I just want to compare the foundations down to the SHADE, literally, because THESE MAKEUP BRANDS …. like it’s kinda a challenge to find my shade. Lol, when I’m at Sephora picking out a color , I really need to take my time to find the right shade because I don’t like wearing makeup that makes me look ORANGE. Or TOO PALE. So, it’s like I can be seen swatching concealers on my hand , wiping my face , then reapply the concealer and then looking at the color on my face. But anyways, Like I recently just mentioned that I just bought that MAC NC 30 and you can read about that post here. Let me show you all the colors and their shades, as you can see BENEFIT’s HONEY is actually a pink tone, and OMG BOI-ING CONEALER IS SO PINK!!! That is totally NOT MY SHADE. And sadly I can’t return it because it used up all my BLIND RETURNS FROM ULTA.:( . So, I have to stick with it. So, I actually only been using the Honey recently because that Bares mineral power nude is a tad too light , and that Bare mineral medium powder isn’t FULL Coverage because it’s just a vial over you’re powder or liquid foundation so that wouldn’t be enough coverage for me to put on my skin.


BUT UP until now , can you guess which is my favorite?

THIS , yes , the MAC NC 30, Idk , I just really like that it not too pale and not too tan, and just good. I originally wanted to get NARS Foundation but after checking both Sephora and Nordstrom, they only carried the liquid form. So , yes I like that and using the Nars concealer , I think these two brands are TOP NOTCH, because benefit is cute and all that , but when it comes down to color and foundations /concealers , they can’t get it right, MAC, NARS has way better colors that matches you’re skin tone, and it’s almost like benefit doesn’t take their concealer shades seriously. It seems like they only make like 5 or 6 colors and expect that to be fix everybody from light to dark skin tones, and I don’t fit their foundation, it’s not a match on honey, nor on oxygen wow. Nor is their Bogus concealer Boi-ing or Boi-ing industrial strength. Oh, that Boi-ing erase paste was so pink it was so bad , I had to return that for ……….NARS, paid extra 10 bucks but heyyy it’s worth it.

Because I was satisfied with the Nars that’s why I wanted to match it with a powder foundation but apparently they don’t have that. So, I went with an MAC. And BTW it’s MY FIRST MAC PRODUCT PURCHASE. I like it. Good quality.

So Benefit color team needs to get their shades right, it’s just OFF. Seriously, here’s the swatches as you can see how pink it is?


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