Jobseeker’s POV in the hiring process

Hey ALL, 

Let me tell you about the Jobseeker’s POV in the hiring process. I know what it feels like to wait , and WAIT for someone’s reply. I’m as a jobseeker waiting for the recruiter to get back to me about the position I applied for. I HONESTLY, can and will do a much better job then they ever can. I will never forget what it feels like to be the job seeker, it feels like you put all you’re heart into it, and you’re waiting to hear back and I feel like I’m not being heard.

Literally, the “good companies” interview process takes way too long and this is CRAP because I got a college degree! and I’m getting paid MINIMUM WAGE with commission for this position AND you have to make we wait and wait until the REGIONAL MANAGER comes back to decide? and mind you this is a “well known mortgage company” so they are RANKED well on the charts!

Let me describe to you the Jobseeker’s POV in the hiring process

Step.1 Apply

(one week later) Recruiter calls and interviews you…. phone interview with hiring manager 

week 2  phone interview with hiring manager

week 3 in person interview 

week 4 wait for regional manager to approve

This is just CRAP. If I was a recruiter, if I had someone who applied for a position, I will do my due diligence to follow up on the manager and make sure that the job applicant will be updated on their job status, I feel like they don’t really give a damn about that part. The point is to GET THINGS MOVING!!!!!!


phone interview with recruiter > phone interview with manager ( manager ask me to come in) > Recruiter follows up with manager > ……………… no heard back?

I follow up with recruiter > recruiter says she’s contacted manager ….. and manager should email me ….

end of conversation, that LADY NEVER bothered asking me “irene, did BOB Ever emailed you” and left me hanging.

there has been many times, where, I get an call from an recruiter, they will say things like “okay, let me talk to the manager” etc but the KEY IS TO FOLLOW UP!!! what good is it to NOT Follow up with the job applicant.

company 3 girl takes my name /number down for manager….. okay ? now isn’t that person suppose to give me a call back? 

My point is where’s the FOLLOW UP? Where’s the Consistency? I understand people are BUSY and have a LIFE, but when someone gives you their  information, they are waiting for someone to call them.. If i was a recruiter, I WILL NEVER TREAT A JOB SEEKER LIKE THAT, I will make sure they are not neglected and treat them with much more dignity and respect than any of the other stupid recruiters can with me.  

I mean seriously, I don’t understand why these air head girls even go into that recruiter role, they can’t follow up with managers and they leave valuable applicants in the dust. these air head girls are stupid. and TRUST, I can do a much better job, I don’t understand what games these AIR heads are playing. FOLLOW UP!!!!!!