L.A. Shady Girl vs. Urban Decay Brow Beater

Hey all,
I can literally purchase 3 L.A. Shady Girl eyebrow pencils for the price of one Urban Decay Brow Beater and it will last me a much longer time. The Brow Beater costs about $20 per pencil, which is only like .05 grams. While the L.A. Shady Girl can be purchased 5.99 each so that’s still around 18 for 3 pencils that are around .06 grams each. It’s just a good way to save you’re money because I actually used the Urban Decay Brow Beaters multiple times before and I do like the preciseness of the pencils, but similarly the L.A. Shady Girl does the job , the ingredients may be tad more smudgy. I believe the ingredients made in the Brow beater are more high quality because they are more expensive, but I like that I can get pencils for a much cheaper price and it works great. Will definitely recommend!

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