Microblading Eyebrows?!

Hi All,

I actually had my microblading before, and from what I can say is having a professional shape you’re brows is a big benefit, For years, I didn’t like the shape of my brows but didn’t really know how to fix them. One thing that really messed up the shape of my natural brows is waxing because sometimes, the eyebrow hair didn’t grow back yet so when I got my eyebrow waxed, the esthetician waxed off my eyebrow to make the arch, by waxing the hair i had to make the arch look. It seriously made my eyebrows look uneven til this day. And I never really knew how to fix it, But honestly , it’s natural and fine for eyebrows to not be symmetrical.

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I did go into a consultation and for me, I wanted a natural look, I didn’t want something that would make me feel like oh, I need to hide my eyebrows because they look too bold. I took time to find a esthetician who work looked similar to what I wanted. And my appointment when fine. I am so much happy with the current shaped and i guess all , i needed was professional shaping. I actually paid $695 for the whole process, and that includes having 1 touch up.

The negative aspect of microblading is that the color faded for me. I wash my hair every 2 days and do and the color of my eyebrows began to fade and that was disappointing because she said it would last almost a year, but to be honest , it doesn’t , in a couple weeks after having my touch up, I can only see a Stencil of her work that was originally done. So, it’s kinda like you still have to fill them in, and I’m disappointed my eyebrow faded, it should have kept it’s color.

I still see a stencil of my eyebrow shape, it looks tinted now, so I still have to apply eyebrow pencil or else it doesn’t look like a brow. I’m guessing she really has to Full blown shade my eyebrows or else the color will again continue to fade, I don’t think the esthetician realizes that maybe having a full blown color in the brow is to my benefit , she’s concerned that it will look too dark but after experience, I wish she would have shaded my eyebrows because at least I wouldn’t have to continue to fill them in each day… so I wouldn’t mind that she did it extremely dark because I know for a fact the color won’t hold.

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