Hey All,

It’s ME!!! Again!!!! Yes, So Rapidlash is a serum where you apply to you’re lash lines to grow you’re lashes. I guess I bought like 4 of these when I wasn’t even finished using them when I had my Ulta Gift card. It did grow my lashes over time while I used the serum and the only reason I bought RapidLash was because I believe the quality of the product was a lot better than that of ebay’s cheap lash growing serums. So, knowing that, I like that at the time, Costo also had rapidlash! So I guess I bought one from ulta, another from Ulta, and a pack from Costco, lol. My eyelashes are naturally pointed downwards so that means that my lashes need to be curled and they are not naturally curly. So, as my lashes grew, I didn’t like how it got into my eyes, and it was a bit difficult to manage. I guess I was trying to substite not wearing fake eyelashes by having natural looking real eyelashes. In the end, it didn’t really work out, and I still believe having fake eyelashes look better on me than growing my real eyelashes. Because , even if my lashes grew with using the Rapidlash product, it only made the lashes I had originally grow longer but NOT THICKER. So, applying fake individual lashes gave me the look that I wanted and it look had a customized natural look that I liked, and it gave it fullness that I liked as well. The One thing I don’t like about fake eyelashes is the GLUE, it tideous to constantly apply new ones on because they keep falling off, and it HURTS when I pull the fake eyelash out sometimes because the glue is attached to my individual lashes so it’s like RIPPING MY OWN LASHES. OUCH! Anyways, if you’re gonna use a serum , Rapidlash is okay, because it does grow the lashes over time. I did see a difference but for me , I just didn’t want to keep applying something when I realized fake lashes still look better! ♥

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