The realll thing about Marketing

Hey All,

It’s MEEE, again. I honestly wish I could do a better job at being a Loan Officer because absolutely , I love what I do, but getting business is hard, I’m not gonna lie. Working at a office environment compared to working remotely is a big change. and plus , I don’t get PAID, if I can’t fund. So the pressure is ON.. I believe the company I work for can defitenly improve in their support system, I literally called the company line like 5 times, just trying to get someone to answer some basic and general loan questions, they blew me OFF. I reach a different persons voicemail each time, So I told them (politely) Maybe they can consider a HOTLINE, so it’s a resource for all loan officers in case they need something , somebody will always be able to pick up that hotline and get an answer. I just feel so alone in this job. It’s so intimidating, for me to make my move, I feel like everybody is so establish and knows exactly what they are doing, and here I am still barely getting a damn application in and asking all these questions. Like it’s tough. I want to close and do it right . It’s so fustrating.