Was getting a College Degree worth it?

Hey All,

I know a lot of parents and everybody wants you to go to college, but since I been threw that, I would say that

find the best plan that works for you and do it, don’t just do what people tell you to do

because you can go spend all that money and time going to school and still not know what you want . So , if you had a dream of being a doctor , or something that requires you to get a 4 year degree then GO for it, but if you are not sure of what you want to do , it’s BEST to FIND that out early because then you can determine wheather going to college is right for you or not.


because you may have a totally job even though you’re major is not related, YES, YOU can still get a job in TECH if you majored in LIBERAL ARTS!, My point is the company will hire you with that Liberal Arts degree but may want to know if you’re qualified by what skill sets you have, like do you know how to web design, can you do X,Y,Z. So since, an major in COMPUTER SCIENCE, may have teach you how to do those skills, having a major in LIBERAL ARTS and apply to a tech company would not disqualify you. But it helps, because assuming, a major in computer science , you can tell the interviewer that “Hey, I learned how to web design in my classes”. BUT IF YOU DON’T major in Computer science, you probably can just learn some skills on you’re own and apply that too, LIKE , OH , I majored in English, and I still know how to do X,Y,Z! So this is how you tell the interviewer that although you didn’t have a major in COMPUTER SCIENCE, you still do have the skills.


I believe that most employers EXPECT you to have some education greater than a HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION, so it looks better on you’re resume, because it shows you can READ, WRITE, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, that’s what that peice of paper really means! It shows that you took the time out of you’re life to get educated. But honestly, It doesn’t come down to how smart you are , IT COMES DOWN TO WHAT YOU CAN DO! So, you may be super smart , but if you can’t translate that into results then really, what’s the point of having you , So College is a good why to test people’s intelligence, by giving them projects to do. And the people who are smart, typically do really well at them. And therefore, when they get the job, they can WORK WELL, such as MAKE THE COMPANY MONEY, because they know what to do, and can do it well.

So, college is suppose to be challenging, it’s suppose to test who can overcome those obstacles, like for example, if you’re struggling in many projects in school, and when you get a job in FINANCE, you may not do so well because in college you had trouble with that subject, but the only reason you passed is because you got a lot of help.


Hey, so all you high schoolers who are studying really hard, or people who wonder “OMG, I won’t get a good job if I don’t get into THIS UNIVERSITY/ THIS SCHOOL/ THIS PROGRAM. Well, my advice is FIND SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT TO DO, YOU CAN learn that skill in community college, it’s not the END of the World if you’re not accepted to that college or university you want to go to. If you prove , you’re dedicated, and you have the skills necessary then WHY WOULDN’T AN EMPLOYER HIRE YOU?

BEST OF LUCK, and LET me know how IT GOES ,